Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Now for Next-Gen

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Ubisoft is commencing work quite well attract the attention of gamers at E3 2013 yesterday. Not only introduce their serious games, Ubisoft also made some casual games as a prima donna who will attract more casual gamers group. As for gamers who need the epic games are ready for adrenaline, Ubisoft also prepare Assasssin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, and the Tom Clancy series so fascinating – The Division. For gamers who follow lunge Ubisoft, this conference is a big question mark still leaves unanswered: What about the fate of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hack  ?

Games that was introduced last year through a series of teaser and screenshot is of course to be one of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated game. Maintaining taste Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle tactical, combined with a series of options for action that might tickle moral values ​​that you believe in, cool games this one actually impressed sink granted. There is no new information even in the event E3 2013 though. Does this mean that Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle has been forgotten? Of course not! Tony Key – Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ubisoft confirms that Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle: Patriots will jump to next-gen platforms. Key itself suggests that this series is in the middle of the decision of a dilemma, between the current or future generations. But Ubisoft finally chose the second option, and redevelop this game to be able to perform more optimally in the latest generation platform.

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