E3 2014 Highlight: Electronic Arts (EA)

As one of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry, Electronic Arts certainly becomes the center of attention that deserves to be anticipated in the event E3 2014. With a myriad of developers under its leadership, EA will certainly offer a lot of charm to ensure its dominance in the next two-gen platform Mainstream in the future: Xbox One and Playstation 4. Not just selling big names from various franchisees that are strongly attached to the word “success”, EA itself also set up two latest engines to ensure these games are not only charming on the visualization side, but Also gameplay. Frostbite Engine 3.0 and Ignite will be key for EA to compete in the next-gen market.

But unlike the previous year filled with the introduction of the latest project, event E3 2014 for this EA impressed very prematurely. Most of the anticipated games do not get more detail and are only informed as part of the behind the scenes trailer only. So far, quite disappointing. But for those of you who are looking forward to the presence of  Mobile Legends , there is nothing more sweeter than this one massive event.

So, what is actually offered by EA in E3 2013 this? Any surprise project getting updates or even present as a surprise?

As one of the most anticipated projects of EA today, the Star Wars Battlefront being centered by DICE should indeed be a prima donna for this EA 2014 E3 event. Moreover, see the interest of most gamers around the world who so want EA to show at least, sekelibat gameplay or visualization like what is offered. But unfortunately, this game seems far from finished. Instead, EA just released a trailer Behind the Scenes are strung together to show how fantatic and dedicated the developers behind this series. Visual version of this game prototype looks full of detail, charming, with the environment that also looks beautiful. There is no form and details of the Mobile Legends diamonds Hack Free  gameplay at all.

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