FIFA 17 will not stretcher Paid DLC

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No exaggeration if categorize The FIFA 17 as one of the games most anticipated next-gen today. Besides carrying reshuffle visualization is more qualified to the latest engine, CD Projekt Red – the developer also confirmed the presence of several new features that are too good to pass up, including the wider world and the improvement in the mechanical side battles alone. Success and innovation offered two previous series of course be guaranteed huge sales potential for FIFA 17. However, the developers confirmed that they will not take advantage of this opportunity to gain more money .

As a policy which they had applied in previous series, CD Projekt Red confirming that they will not carry the system of paid DLC for The FIFA 17. Konrad Tomaszkiewicz – CD Projekt Red game director believes that the DLC in bentu patches, fixes, and additional content is something that should be offered free of charge by the publisher, to ensure a more optimal gaming experience. Forcing players to spend extra money for features like this? Not in accordance with the ideals promoted by Projekt Red himself. Nevertheless, Tomaszkiewicz asserts that paid DLC might be worth an additional content truly massive, which is appropriate.

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