GTA V Comes Back in UK Game Market

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Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto 5 hack , again managed to dominate the best-selling video game charts in the UK. With this achievement, GTA V is getting closer to a record that had been recorded by its predecessor, GTA: Vice City.

Please note that Vice City has been ranked first as the best-selling game in the UK for 10 weeks. While GTA V currently only managed to dominate the chart for 8 weeks since it was first released.

GTA V returned to the first rank with total sales last week reaching 49 percent. While in the second rank there is Dying Light who in the previous week occupied the top position. Dying Light himself was ranked first when removing The Order: 1886.

Under Dying Light, FIFA 15 remains firmly held in third. While the position of four and five filled by Minecraft: Xbox Edition which jump two ratings compared to the previous week and DMC: Definitive Edition has just slid into the market.

For more details, here’s a complete list of game ratings in the UK in the second week of this month ending March 14, 2015:

Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)
Dying Light (Warner Bros)
FIFA 15 (EA)
Minecraft: Xbox Edition (Microsoft)
DMC: Definitive Edition (Capcom)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Activision)
Minecraft: PlayStation Edition (Sony)
Evolve (2K)
Zombie Army Trilogy (Rebellion / Sold Out)
Sniper Elite III: Ultimate Edition (505 Games)

How about you? Of all the UK’s most popular games this week, which one are you tasting?

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