Konami Releases PES Manager for iOS and Android and how about madden mobile?

Pro Evolution Soccer, a football game franchise from Konami has indeed dominated the Indonesian market many years ago. With the incredible popularity of the Playstation and the proliferation of game centers in some major cities, football games have been chosen as leisure fillers – competitive and fun at the same time. Options at that time fell on the Winning Eleven / PES which is considered to carry a more coreutif control. Despite the trend that is now being dumped by its main competitor – FIFA, Konami has another way to exploit PES further. True, they are now eyeing the mobile market.

But not madden mobile that we are familiar with. After being released in Japan early in the year and getting a positive response, Konami finally released PES Manager for Android and iOS for free. Like the name that he usung, this game will ask you to act as a team manager – collect badges player and combine them to create a unique team of extraordinary Europe. You can then use it to play in a series of match types offered, of course with the chance to make it stronger. You will also be presented with visualization of the three-dimensional model each time you compete.

So for you – madden mobile hack fans who happen to also love the role of organizing existing team members, PES Manager seems to be a pretty interesting alternative to spending spare time. Interested? You can download the Android version here.

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