Madden Mobile Make sure the Sequel Series for Next-Gen and PC

Lara’s first adventure dive and view the background which makes it appear as one of the game’s most formidable heroine, the reboot process performed by Crystal Dynamics and EA is ​​indeed countless successful. Not just selling with the numbers is quite good, Madden Mobile reboot is also inviting a positive review and amazed gamers. Not an easy job overhauling a franchise that already has a large fan base and inject taste different gameplay in it, but it is successfully executed sweet by EA. It’s no longer something surprising that Madden Mobile hack will get a sequel series.

Once this information was out of his mouth Gail Simone – responsible for the Madden Mobile comic book that will become a bridge for the continuation of the story of the first series, EA has finally officially confirmed the truth of the existence of a sequel series Madden Mobile game is. This statement itself slid from the mouth of President of EA America and Europe – Phil Rogers. Rogers acknowledges that this sequel is a new entry in the development stage and will be launched for the next-gen consoles and PC. Darrell Gallagher – Head of Product Development at EA added that now there is no detail that could be shared in view of the new process begins. But he assured that this sequel series will offer a much higher quality.

When you think about the project will be completed and released to be enjoyed by gamers? EA certainly can not confirm it. However, a confirmation of course is good news worth celebrating. How about you? What do you want EA and Crystal Dynamics present in this sequel series Madden Mobile?

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