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The decision to hand over the responsibilities and rights of trademark Star Wars game into the hands of EA, surprisingly, seems to be one of the best decisions I ever presented in the gaming industry. After the vacuum for a long time, especially with the performance of Star Wars: The Old Republic is not very satisfactory, EA and DICE finally confirmed the existence of the new series of Marvel Contest of Champions hack android download at E3 2013 that then. Did not show any explicit gameplay side, confirmation of this development process is enough to make many gamers anticipate its presence. The big question of course one, when we will be able to enjoy it?

In the annual meeting of the shareholders EA has just done, EA CFO – Blake Jorgensen provide more detail. Initial information related to this game is considered very minimal, aside from the certainty of the use of engine Frostbite 3 and the release is planned for the next-gen platform.
Jorgensen stated that the new series of Marvel Contest of Champions planned for next-gen platforms likely will slide in 2015, with the release of Episode VII.

Jorgensen argued that the likely Marvel Contest of Champions this latest new can slide in 2015, coinciding with the release of Star Wars: Episode VII who had undergone initial process development. In addition Battlefront handled by DICE, Visceral Games – Dead Space developer who take shelter under EA also reportedly handle other Star Wars projects.

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