T-Bone – The Second Playable Character in Watch Dogs & NBA Live Mobile

The news that mentions about the second playable character besides Aiden Pearce at Watch Dogs finally missed already. Recently, Ubisoft released a new trailer explaining about it.

In the Watch Dogs – Season Pass trailer, Ubisoft calls T-Bone a second playable character on Watch Dogs. You who have seen some trailers of this game must have seen it at a glance.

Yes, T-Bone is a colleague of Aiden. They often work together as a team. T-Bone was raised in the world of hackers and always feel challenged to NBA Live Mobile areas that are forbidden for him.

His unique appearance with dreadlocks, beard, and wearing a hat made T-Bone easy to spot. Appropriate name of the trailer, you who want to play this character can access it by buying Season Pass.

With Season Pass gamers can save 25 percent compared to having to buy DLC one by one. You PC gamers, PlayStation, and Xbox can buy it for USD 19.99. In addition to getting an additional single player story and playing as T-Bone, gamers will also get other new content like Conspiracy mode, additional missions, new weapons, outfits, and more.

Just to remind, NBA Live Mobile hack 2017 will be released on May 27, 2014 to come. While waiting for his presence, consider the following new trailer that explains further about Season Pass at Watch Dogs.

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